1) What makes you different from other financial education providers?

As youths ourselves, we are able to relate better to you! We understand what you are going through, your financial needs and situation.

We teach one-on-one to create a more personalised and dynamic environment for our students where they do not have to feel shy to ask questions. It also allows us to address all our students’ burning questions that they may have and they will never leave the workshop having questions unanswered.

2) How affordable is your workshop relative to other financial education providers?

While most financial education providers charge $3,000-$4,000 for a 3 full-day course, our workshop is priced at a sweet spot of $1,000 so that you can get the knowledge and support you need and get started immediately! We don’t want you to spend all your money on a workshop and have no capital to begin investing. Our goal is to get you started, not to just impart knowledge to you.

3) If your strategies are that good, why teach and share with others?

Investing is for the long-term and is not a zero-sum game. Everybody can win together. We found that many individuals want to achieve financial freedom and the best time is to start young, and to start now! We realise that we have the ability and the opportunity to make a difference, so why not?

4) Is there any after workshop support?

Yes, up to the student’s initiative! We would be more than glad to meet up for coffee to follow-up and to analyse together different companies within our closed-group community. We’re just a phone call/text message away!

5) How can I sign up for the workshop?

Drop a text to Aloysius at (+65) 8101 0720 indicating your interest. We will follow-up with you from there!