Hello! Welcome to The Little Snowball! We are very excited to share with you what we have to offer here! But before that, allow us to help you to get to know us with the 5Ws, Who What When Why How.



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We are The Little Snowball (TLS), managed by Aloysius and Kenny (Our bio here!)

The name The Little Snowball can be broken down into two parts, namely ‘Little’ and ‘Snowball’.


Size: The word ‘Little’ holds two meanings for us, the first being our size. Jack Ma once said “Small is Beautiful”, and we see the beauty of being small because it means that we are versatile. And we know that being small allows us to understand and connect with our audience who have just started investing. You can’t invest the same way a hedge fund does due to limitations of being a retail investor, and we understand that.

Mindset: Secondly, being ‘Little’ means that no matter how big our snowball(investment portfolio) becomes, we still think as though we are small, always thinking how to grow bigger!


We believe in compounding our returns like a snowball that rolls along a hill into a bigger and bigger snowball.



untitled-infographic_20150924100735_1443089255682_block_1We believe investing should be made simple, but not simpler.

We believe that the process of investing should be consistent

We believe in constantly pursuing growth in all aspect of our lives


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At TLS, we do our best to share our knowledge and learning with you so that you too, can snowball your way to financial freedom! We have a lot of series of articles in store for you and we can’t wait to roll them out and share them with you!

Occasionally, we also share our analyses of the different listed companies so you would have a more comprehensive research should you choose to invest! We have many plans in the pipeline and you don’t want to miss it! So make sure you subscribe to us!



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We will do our best to come up with informative and interesting articles at least once a week!

So make sure you subscribe to us and never miss an article!

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