The Millionaire Mindset

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All of us whether young or old, have dreams of being a millionaire, or even a billionaire. We want to make our fortunes, but we know that plainly saving alone will almost never make us a millionaire. Almost all self-made millionaires never got to where they are through savings alone. The few millionaires and millionaires-to-be that I know of got to where they are through investing in the stock market or starting up a business.

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What helped them get to where they are today I realised, is not just their ability to stock-pick or have a great business idea, but something more important. Something that immediately identifies them as a potential millionaire before they even become one. That “something” is their Millionaire Mindset.

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To put it simply, if you want to make money, you have to be prepared to lose money. I noticed a lot of youths are very interested in investing but they never get started for many reasons. But one of the reasons that many stop halfway is because they lost money and didn’t want to lose anymore. They wanted to get rich, but didn’t want to pay the price that comes along with getting rich. They met with some temporary defeat but allowed it to label them as a permanent failure! Persistence is the word you would be looking for, to become successful in any endeavor.

“You can’t get something for nothing”, and that is a universal truth. There is always a price to pay, either before, during, or after getting that something. If you want to become a millionaire, you have to put in the effort that millionaires put in. Have you been making plans and taking actions towards becoming a millionaire, or are you just thinking about it? Too often we see the highlights of peoples’ lives that we fail to ALSO see the times when they were defeated multiple times. If you knew about the struggles they had to go through, would you also be willing to go through the same struggles to become the millionaire that you desire to become?

A Final Word

Because we don’t see the many times the millionaire fallen down, we would think that it’s not right to fall and immediately label ourselves as failure and give up trying. “A winner never quits and a quitter never wins”. It’s NORMAL and only natural to face with defeats every once in awhile, but always keep that burning desire to become a millionaire alive so you’ll keep finding reasons to step back up again and try it one more time, and one more time, and one more time! With every setback, know that you are getting closer towards your success because you have just found one more way that doesn’t work. So don’t give up trying, and keep going back and remind yourself why you started in the first place when the going gets tough. Because it will!

Aloysius Lee

Aloysius has been investing in Singapore Equities from the age of 18 and is still madly enthusiastic about it. He strives to sharpen his edge while guiding others along the way to snowball their way to financial freedom!

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