Timeless Guide To Fattening Your Wallet

Have you ever wished to find a timeless guide to fattening your wallet? Here’s 7 lessons from 5000 years ago that is still extremely applicable today and anyone can use it. Having recently finished reading ‘The Richest Man In Babylon‘, I can’t help but to recommend this book to those around me. What’s surprising is even after 5000 years, we still don’t learn. I can only hope to propagate this message as far and wide as I can so that others may benefit from it! Without further ado, here is the Timeless Guide To Fattening Your Wallet.


We’ve always been told that we need to be a doctor or lawyer or whatever high-flying ambitious career before we’ll be rich. But that’s not true. We can all start as long as we have some form of income stream. Stop looking into the future and think that you’ll start learning how to save by the time you have that job that pays $5000 or $7000 a month. Start by utilising the source of wealth which you have already established.

Pay yourself first. This is a habit many of us lack. We always pay everyone else first (phone bills, utilities, insurance, food, etc.) and take what’s leftover for ourselves. If you’re serious about saving, then you must really set apart an amount (A minimum of 10% of salary) for the sole purpose of saving and not touch it for whatever reason. “Now I will tell a strange truth, the reason for which I know not. When I ceased to pay out more than nine-tenths of my earnings, I managed to get along just as well. I was not shorter than before.” – I can vouch upon this strange truth as well. That sentence alone is worth a couple of re-reads.


Some of you may already be thinking “How can I put aside 10% of my salary when I don’t even have enough for my necessary expenses?”

Have you wondered how some people’s salary are lower than yours and needs greater than yours, still manage to get along just fine?

“What each of us call our ‘necessary expenses’ will always grow to equal our incomes unless we protest to the contrary.” – Do not confuse the necessary expenses with your desires.


Now that you have learnt to save and cut your expenses, it’s time to learn how to put your money to work. Whether it’s via a business or investment, as long as your money is making more for you, it counts! “A man’s wealth is not in the found he carries in his purse; it is the income he buildeth, the golden stream that continually floweth into his purse and keepeth it always bulging.”

Be always on the lookout to find that golden stream of income that is safe and sustainable. Begin with a few sources and then grow that into multiple sources that flows into your purse available for greater uses in the future.


“Every owner off gold is tempted by opportunities whereby it would seem that he could make large sums by it’s investment in plausible projects.” Who wouldn’t be tempted? After all it’s “easy money”. But we must never forget the two rules of Warren Buffett. Rule 1, “Never lose money.” Rule 2, “Never forget rule 1.” Don’t throw good money to chase after bad stuff. What’s worse than losing is getting your entire capital wiped out. This can be extremely discouraging especially if you’re just starting out. Do not be too confident of your own wisdom in your investments that you fail to see the possible pitfalls.


I believe this isn’t much of a new learning point to most Singaporeans, because they already know of friends or relatives who have made hefty profits from investing in real estate here in this tiny island.

As such, here’s another side of what this investment can bring apart from material wealth. Having a dwelling place of your own allows you to live in peace without fear of eradication or any other unforeseen circumstances. If we actually took time to consider what it must be like not knowing if we’ve got shelter over your head after the next week, how glad we would be to have a place to call home.

In monetary aspect, owning your own house is more cost efficient than renting one permanently because once the mortgage is paid up, the house is yours, fully paid. The excess can then be used to be invested in the different opportunities that may arise from time to time!


We know we can’t possibly work forever. Eventually time will catch up on us. First we begin losing strength in our limbs, then we begin losing our memories. As such, we need to look at preserving the growing empire while we are still of able body and of a sound mind lest we make mistakes because we weren’t sharp in our thinking enough later in life. Even if you aren’t doing it for yourself, do it for your children. In today’s context, I can immediately think of Annuities (See: What is Annuities?)  provided by insurance companies or banks that can provide you with the stable stream of income even when you can no longer work in the future.


Increasing your ability to earn is a matter of increasing your know-how. But what lies within is your desire to earn. “Desire must be simple and definite. They defeat their own purpose should they be too many, too confusing, or beyond a man’s training to accomplish.” When you desire to earn more, you overcome many difficulties that have acted as stumbling blocks for you, such as procrastination and concentration.

With a reason to work hard at something, you will eventually surpass your competitors because you will work harder, longer, and become better than them all. Your efforts will be rewarded, compounded with interest, if it doesn’t come immediately. So work at it anyway!

Try It For Yourself!

With these 7 lessons, I hope you will hold them dear to your hearts and take them as commandments if you’re serious about getting wealthy. You don’t have to achieve all immediately. You could start with Lesson 1 and 2 for your first few paychecks, then look into incorporating the other lessons as the months go by. What’s most crucial is starting. Seek progression, not perfection.

All the best and keep snowballing!

Aloysius Lee

Aloysius has been investing in Singapore Equities from the age of 18 and is still madly enthusiastic about it. He strives to sharpen his edge while guiding others along the way to snowball their way to financial freedom!

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  • December 5, 2015 at 2:47 PM

    Having read this I thought it was extremely informative. I appreciate you spending some time and effort to put this content together. I once again find myself spending way too much time both reading and posting comments. But so what, it was still worthwhile!|

    • December 6, 2015 at 12:01 AM

      Hi Marinir,

      Thank you for your kind words! It’s people like you who leave kind words that always motivates me to write better quality articles to help others! Do give those lessons a try!

      – Aloysius Lee (Co-Founder)


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