Avarga Limited (U09): Potential 16% Dividend Yield Play | Current: S$0.235 | Target: S$0.385 | Upside: +64% |


  • Final dividend increased 6x to S$0.03 (FY17: S$0.005)
  • Special dividend of S$0.015 declared (FY17: NIL)
  • Total dividends payable on 24 May 2019 = S$0.045 (19% yield)
  • Normal dividends adequately covered by the group’s free cash flow
  • Potentially a sustainable 16% dividend yield play
  • Zero Growth Dividend Discount Model projects a target price of S$0.38 (Cost of Equity = 7.8%)



Avarga announced its FY18 results on 23 Feb after market hours. While its results were nothing to shout about, what was interesting was the dramatic change in the firm’s payout policy. The company increased its final dividend by 6x from 0.5 cents to 3 cents. Based on the current share price of S$0.235, this represents a yield of 12.8%. In addition, a 1.5 cent special dividend was declared due to the successful divestment of the group’s Tuas property for S$18.6m. With total shares outstanding of approx. 944.032m, this meant that almost all of the proceeds from the divestment is returned to shareholders. If we include the special dividends, total dividends payable on 24 May 2019 is 4.5 cents or a 19% yield.

Source: Avarga 4Q18 Results, p.15

Source: Avarga 4Q18 Results, p.16


Source: Avarga 4Q18 Results, p.17


Sustainability of Dividend

While the bump in dividends came as a surprise (as seen in the price gap up), what is paramount is the sustainability of the normal dividends (3 cents). Should it be sustainable and management adopt 3 cents per annum as the new dividend policy (previously 1 cent per annum), we could see Avarga being the highest yielding (16%) counter listed on the SGX. I got 16% by calculating the theoretical ex-div price of S$0.19 (= S$0.235 – S$0.045) compared with the 3 cents final dividend.

I did a back-of-the-envelope calculation of the free cash flow available to shareholders of Avarga for FY18 as shown below. Note that Taiga is at least 65.1% owned by Avarga (Taiga has been buying back shares), so I had to make adjustments in the consolidated statement of cash flows of Avarga. Assuming C$/S$ = 1.03.

After making some adjustments, I ended up with S$36.58m in free cash flow available to shareholders of Avarga. With 944.032m shares outstanding, a 3 cent cash dividend would require S$28.32m. This appears sustainable given its dividend commitment represents 77% of Avarga’s adjusted free cash flow available for shareholders (viewed another way, a cash buffer of S$8.26m).

The assumptions here are that Avarga can at least maintain its current level of profitability and cash flow generation, as well as the C$/S$ pair being stable (a strong C$ bodes well for Taiga and vice versa). 

Zero-Growth Dividend Discount Model

sg2019022829216.gifSource: Bloomberg

sg2019022828764.gifSource: Bloomberg

Screenshot 2019-02-28 at 6.04.09 PM.png

Avarga’s cost of equity according to Bloomberg is 7.8%. Assuming zero-growth in dividends, the dividend discount model projects a target price of S$0.385, representing an upside of 64%. Even if we use a higher cost of equity of 10%, the implied target price turns out to be S$0.30, representing an upside of 28%.

In Closing

I like that Avarga’s management is changing its payout policy to return more excess cash to its shareholders. We should see a gradual re-rating in Avarga driven by yield-seeking investors should management decide to formally adopt a 3 cent dividend policy or continue paying a 3 cent final dividend per annum in the future. In the meantime, patient shareholders can expect to receive generous dividends.

Thank you for reading.

Disclaimer: I am vested. 


History of Increasing Dividends

Source: Shareinvestor

Avarga has been consistently paying dividends since 2011 with periodic increases over the years. Note that the dividends computed by Shareinvestor for Dec 2018 should be 3 cents instead of the 2.5 cents shown. Also, it should have displayed the Special Dividend of 1.5 cents. This means that the full year yield should have been 21.3% (0.5+3+1.5) instead of 12.766%.


Recent Share Buybacks Provide Support Level

Source: Shareinvestor

Avarga was conducting share buybacks frequently between Oct-Nov 2018 at prices between S$0.198-0.220. This suggests that management deem such price levels to be undervalued. Investors, on the other hand, could view this as a support level.



Avarga’s FY18 Results: https://links.sgx.com/FileOpen/4QFY2018%20Results%20Announcement.ashx?App=Announcement&FileID=544670

Taiga’s FY18 Results: https://links.sgx.com/FileOpen/Audited%20Annual%20Financial%20Statements.ashx?App=Announcement&FileID=544666


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Kenny Chia

Undergraduate, SMU

2 thoughts on “Avarga Limited (U09): Potential 16% Dividend Yield Play | Current: S$0.235 | Target: S$0.385 | Upside: +64% |

  • March 29, 2019 at 9:26 PM

    The concern is that the cashflow is not flowing in from Taiga to Avarga.
    Pretty sure without Taiga declaring dividend, Avarga payout will not be sustainable even at 3c.

    Since Avarga needs Taiga cash (and hence the dividend), at the current price of Taiga (C$1.05) & Avarga(S$0.24).
    I’d rather bet on Taiga (considering also that Avarga’s cost of Taiga is about C$1.3).

    Better yet, reallocate capital from Avarga dividend (or divestment) to Taiga.

    • April 15, 2019 at 12:55 AM

      As this is the first time management is paying out such large amounts of dividends (3 cents per share) relative to its size, it still remains to be seen how Avarga will go about funding the payout moving forward. Taiga was recently acquired and previous dividends (1 cent per share) were funded from cash flows from the paper and power business, so it would not be fair to say that cash will not flow from Taiga to Avarga moving forward.

      Given the improving US housing market and declining price of Taiga (which makes it an interesting privatization play), Taiga does seem attractive. Perhaps it is smart to reallocate some Avarga into Taiga itself.

      Thanks for sharing your views.


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