Riverstone Holdings (AP4) AGM 2016 Takeaways

With the recent conclusion of Riverstone AGM held on 18 April, we benefited a lot from Mr Wong Teek Son, the Founder and CEO of Riverstone Holdings, sharing on the company going forward. If you haven’t read our previous articles on  My S.W.O.T Analysis For Riverstone Holdings (AP4) and Kenny’s My Bull Case For Riverstone Holdings (AP4), please feel free to do so to gain a good understanding of what this company does and the potential it has.


10 Bite-Sized Takeaways


  1. Automation have allowed Riverstone to cut from 7 down to 5 assembly line glove strippers.
  2. Management re-iterated to shareholders that utilisation rate is high at 85-90%. Oversupply not a big threat since the focus is on specialization instead of volume.
  3. Operations will continue to be kept in Malaysia because it is still the cheapest compared to Thailand or China.
  4. On MYR, Mr Wong doesn’t see the ringgit appreciating anytime soon and instead of hedging, Riverstone uses forward pricing method instead.
  5. Compared to previous years where production capacity could not keep up with demand from clients, Riverstone now has to actively source for new clients for its ever increasing capacity.

Ongoing Plans

  1. Currently they are removing old lines in some of the older factories and replacing them with the new and more efficient lines.
  2. With the foray into the US market, it is not all rosy, Riverstone has to compete against Kimberly-Clark who has a more well-established foothold in the market.

Growth Plans

  1. Riverstone continues to be well-positioned in it’s 5-year growth plans till 2018. Currently, there are no concrete plans after 2018.
  2. The recent foray into the Mobile, Tablet and LCD manufacturing sector is proving to be quite exciting as the industry is moving from PVC gloves to Nitrile gloves.
  3. Riverstone is not considering M&A with UG Healthcare because of overlapping business, but Mr Wong did commend on their management as they have known each other when he first started.

Extra Scoops

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The general atmosphere during the AGM were largely positive and many of the shareholders thanked Mr. Wong for the great results. One even commented that because of Mr Wong, many people have become quite wealthy as its share price took off. Mr Wong came forth as a very candid CEO which I really liked a lot! He is very open to questions and shares his knowledge willingly when we spoke after the AGM was formally concluded.

A lot more sharing continued after the AGM was concluded and we could get up close and personal with Mr Wong as we continued to ask him questions. With the conclusion of Riverstone Holding AGM 2016, I feel more confident as a shareholder and am delighted to have a stake in such a wonderful business. Going forward, I do not foresee anything significant affecting the current growth plans of Riverstone Holdings.

Aloysius Lee

Aloysius has been investing in Singapore Equities from the age of 18 and is still madly enthusiastic about it. He strives to sharpen his edge while guiding others along the way to snowball their way to financial freedom!

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