“Thank you to the guys at TLS, Kenny and Aloysius for such an insightful and comprehensive workshop! I may be starting investing late at the age of 24 but better late than never! And I am really excited to apply these skills to my job as a financial planner as well, to help my clients see the importance of widening their portfolio! Do check The Little Snowball out!” – Shaun Kwan, Financial Planner

IMG_0032“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest-Benjamin Franklin. With this in mind, i enrolled for the VGI workshop. Having been involved in the stock market for 4 years now, the workshop was without a doubt a breath of fresh air for my investment philosophy! The materials (notes, presentation slides) provided are simple, well structured and easy to absorb. Replete with analogies, anecdotes and case studies to bring home each point. The coaches are knowledgeable and most importantly, practice what they preach, with the academic and practical results under their belt. Patient and adaptable, you need not fear keeping pace! This course is ideal for anyone at any point of their investment journey! For those taking their first baby steps, this workshop will be the first of many smart investments to come!” – Xerxes Chong, NSF


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“Truth be told, I was initially a little afraid to pursue investments as a passive form of income.  Although I understood its importance, there exist much murkiness on how we should proceed to build our portfolio; I was lacking guidance. Thankfully, this problem was quickly solved in just one weekend. The value and investment clarity that TLS provides is nothing short of amazing. Easily well-worth the asking price. The VGI workshop confidently teaches what works for the TLS founders, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn and serve under their tutelage. Highly recommended for everyone who desires to get started in the right direction.” – Alvin Foo, Sales Executive



“The global economic climate was a blur to me, where it was a challenge for me to even grasp the basics of it. Under Kenny’s guidance, he made things simple to understand, something that I find very lacking even on major financial portals. His teaching style was very engaging which facilitated the exchange of ideas throughout the whole course. Not only did he impart financial skills required to navigate the rigours of the stock market but he also provided us with his personal case studies that we could learn from. I would definitely recommend all budding investors to take up this workshop as it provides one with relevant knowledge on the value growth investing and also an opportunity to meet other aspiring investors!” – Kuah Kai Xiang, Ngee Ann Polytechnic Student


“Being new to the world of finance, I was not sure of what I needed to know. It’s great to be guided by someone of transparent track records. Not only has the lesson been easy to understand, but the teachers’ ability to build rapport has made learning investing enjoyable and interesting. I would highly recommend this to students as not only are the notes simple to understand, but the prices are awesome too. Learn investing and enjoy its harvest in due time!” – Lucas Ng, SAJC Student



Attending the TLS workshop has been one of the greatest investments of my life (no exaggeration!) because it has opened my eyes to many things about financial freedom and how to make my money work for me, instead of working for it. The best thing about the workshop for me was the small size of the class, as this really allowed my friends and I to have optimum interaction with Kenny. This allowed us to clarify any doubts we had immediately. Kenny is patient and understanding, and although I went in with little to no knowledge on investing, he untiringly explained the concepts in detail but with simple examples. Kenny made the lessons fun by playing simple games with us, and that helped prevent the workshop from being too heavy and dry. The workshop is also very affordable and I urge all young investors out there to sign up for this workshop as well.” – Lai Yinmin, NUS Undergraduate

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Kenny’s and Aloysius’ workshop was concise and simple. It was intense, learning without prior knowledge. But what makes this workshop amazing is that their lessons are systematic and broken-down into clear sections, making it easier to understand. What separates them from other investment courses is that Kenny and Aloysius still maintain contact with you even after the workshop, so you are not left in the dark. In terms of value, the price is worth it; because it’s not just the workshop you are paying for, but also their experience and knowledge. Would definitely recommend it to those serious about investing! – Stephenie Wong, Undergraduate